Dynamically Different Classrooms

Imagine a classroom where every cubic inch is maximised in order to create an irresistible ‘landscape for learning’…

Learn how to be the architect of your own landscape for learning
Imagine a classroom where every display invites an active pupil response…
Imagine a classroom where learning clues fall from the ceilings and where the floors feature stepping stone challenges…

Welcome to the world of Dynamically Different Classrooms!

The book

Classrooms are private places. A lucky few consultants and inspectors among them get to visit hundreds of classrooms a year, yet many teachers never get the opportunity to see how other practitioners do it.

In ‘Dynamically Different Classrooms’, however, experienced educators Claire and Jan take away the guesswork by inviting teachers into a unique journey of classroom discovery that shows them how to design and use the space within their classroom in such a way that enhances their pupils learning experiences.

In ‘Dynamically Different Classrooms: Create spaces that spark learning’, Claire Gadsby and Jan Evans provide teachers with a visually striking masterclass on how to maximise the potential of every cubic inch of the learning environment.

Bursting with a rich variety of practical ideas, this inspiring guide to the great indoors talks you through the clue corners, ceiling circuits and windows of opportunity waiting to be discovered in your classroom and shares 148 high-impact techniques proven to boost pupils’ engagement, long-term learning and progress. The strategies can be adapted for use with all age groups and will stimulate busy teachers to reimagine the learning space through a more creative lens. Each theme is underpinned by robust research in the book’s introduction, in which the authors discuss the key findings and explore how effective classroom design can help unlock the potential of various pedagogical approaches.

The book also features a range of illuminating case studies from various schools across the UK and is beautifully decorated with full-colour photographs that capture the techniques in action to make it even easier for you to adopt and adapt these design principles in your own dynamically different classroom.

Suitable for teachers, trainees, teaching assistants and senior leaders in both primary and secondary schools.

What readers say

“It is no surprise to me that Claire and Jan would produce a book that communicates such energy and excitement in both content and tone. As ever, their passion is infectious – and it is refreshing to come across a book that leaves the reader feeling so energised.”  Clare Smith, Headteacher, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Banbury. 

The training

Through a unique blend of inspirational inset training and classroom based- coaching and demonstration, Claire supports busy teachers to transform classroom practice. The ‘Dynamically different Classrooms’ training demonstrates exactly how the classroom environment can develop the following:

  • Metacognition and self-regulated learning
  • Retrieval and revision: long term learning rather than short term performance
  • Emotional engagement
  • Responsive teaching: using formative assessment to support the progress of all learners including vulnerable groups
  • Oracy and word wealth
  • Collaborative learning

Contact Claire to find out more about how she can support you and your school to become ‘Dynamically Different’.

What teachers say

‘Claire, you reignited a flame for teaching in me that I thought had been lost for ever. Having you alongside me in the classroom gave me the confidence to try things I never would have thought of on my own. Me, and my class, loved every minute: please come back again soon!’ Kerry, year 6 teacher, Brent

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